Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I painted the bathroom again...

I wasn't ever really happy with the blue I painted the bathroom so I painted it again. I really like it now. It is very cottag-ey and relaxing. The color didn't really come through on the pics but it is a creamy sandy color. Goes perfectly with the floor and shower curtain.

Before pics can be (you will need to scroll down)....found here

New pics:

I bought this nice linen drape shade from Pottery Barn (on eBay) and put candles in pale yellow and red on the window sill. I'm still looking for a wire shelf to add some flowers and plants above the toilet.

We finally got the light installed over our mirror. We got it at Lowes and it matches really well.

Shelf, mirror, baskets, ducks and lotion dispenser from Target and Marshalls. The shelf has beadboard on the sides which of course matches our bathroom.

I really love old paint by numbers. I bought these on ebay and painted the frames red.

There are shelves behind the door and I lined them with this great polka dot oilcloth. Works great and wipes clean easily.

We still have this shower curtain so that looks the same, except for the blue paint.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our bathroom after (or is there really an "after")

4 months after we moved in our bathroom is almost finished. We still need to finish building shelves in the closet behind the door and get some art work or decor in there. But here it is so far.

We added beadboard to the walls as well as some really great mouldings. The bathroom is painted a nice blue color [FYI don't paint your bathroom green. It makes you look ill. Not that we would know ;)]

This mirror is by American Standard - the Standard Collection and it was a splurge. But we loved it and no other mirror would do. The middle section is a recessed medicine chest and the side mirror swivel. The pedestal sink is by American Standard as well as all the fixtures. We really like the quality and they were reasonably priced.

The hanging pottey seat is temporary until our little one can use the potty on her own.

Art noveau/deco shower curtain from Pottery Barn. Found on eBay.

Our favorite thing in the bathroom - our hex tile floor. Brian and I did it ourselves with no tiling experience whatever. We consulted a lot of websites. It turned out really nice and adds a warmth to the room.


Our bathroom before

The bathroom when we moved in was ugly and not functional at all. Our house was a rental and the previous tenant was wheelchair bound. The landlord ripped out the nice vintage cast iron tub and replaced it with a roll-in shower. Fortunately they left the tub in the garage (probably because it was to heavy to move anywhere else).

The bathroom was completely covered with wood paneling. They added this lovely built in sink/cabinet. We knew that it had to go.

I had plans to paint the walls and remove the cabinents. We didn't really think we would have to gut the whole bathroom. Just remove the shower insert and plop in the old tub. Easy right? When we pulled the shower insert out we discover lath and plaster. So we kept removing plaster and then realized we would have to remove the ceiling as well.

After Brian pulled out the sink and took down the mirror, we discovered a space for a recessed medicine chest and built in shelves. Pretty neat! It was also obvious that there had been a pedestal sink at one time. Perfect as we were intending on putting one back in.

Down to the lath and plaster walls.

The ceiling. When we pulled back the vinyl flooring we found really neat pink/peach tile with a black border all the way around the bathroom. It was Hermosa by Gladding McBean & Co and was probably laid down in the 30's. Really high quality tile. We really wanted to keep the tile but it was in bad shape.